Keep one step ahead of the snow

Has it been snowing where you are? We’ve got snow settling outside the window at Norfolk Winter HQ now, not too much yet but it’s still coming down…

If you haven’t seen snow falling already today, there’s a good chance you’ll see some before the night’s over, and it could be heavy – the Met Office has forecast that as much as 5-10cm is possible in some parts of the county.

Nottingham Way...not from this winter we admit but a shot from 2010 in the Norfolk Winter Flickr group. Don't forget you can add yours to the group too if you're out taking snaps. Credit: Gerry Balding.

Nottingham Way…not from this winter we admit but a shot from 2010 in the Norfolk Winter Flickr group. Don’t forget you can add yours to the group too if you’re out taking snaps. Credit: Gerry Balding.

Our gritting teams get expert forecasts to help them plan when and where they should grit, and with the chance of disruptive amounts of snow, we thought we’d share this information with you so you can make informed decisions before travelling.

The forecasts tell us that sleet and snow could continue for the early part of tonight across the county, although they’re expected to become a little lighter. The snow should largely fizzle out after midnight, although there’s the chance of a sleet or snow shower. The temperatures are likely to fall below zero with ice and frost forming.

There may be further snow and sleet showers tomorrow morning and, at the moment, the Met Office are predicting more snow on Wednesday and Friday of this week as well, click here and type in your postcode for their five-day forecast for where you live for more details.

The gritters have been sent out three times already today, at 4am, 11am and 2.30pm, and they’re likely to be out again overnight. Snow ploughs have been fitted and are ready to clear snow should they be needed.

As ever, the Norfolk Facebook page and @NorfolkCC Twitter feed are updated with information on planned gritting runs, and you can find out which roads are on our gritting routes here.

If you’ve got any extra questions on gritting, have a read of this interview with Highways Maintenance Manager at Norfolk County Council, Nick Tupper, from the blog back in November. If that doesn’t provide the answer you were looking for, then leave a comment and we’ll try and answer it for you.

If you’re at all unsure about driving in snowy or icy conditions – what to do before you set off, how to drive safely on the roads and whether you should make your journey at all – then we’ll point you in the direction of our two wInterviews with Iain Temperton, Manager of Casualty Reduction, Education and Development at Norfolk County Council. Take a look here for part one and here for part two.

While there’s no indication at this stage of schools being affected by the snow, there are a few ways you can keep informed in case the snow is deep and heavy enough for this to be a consideration, this week or at any point this winter. You can log onto the Norfolk County Council website here and see the full list of school closures or you can sign up for Norfolk County Council’s school closure notification service, which sends alerts on school closures to you via text or e-mail as soon as they are announced.

Whatever the weather where you live, however heavy or light the snow, it’s going to be cold and probably a bit treacherous over the next few days. So wrap up warm, keep informed and make a decision about whether, and how, to make a journey based on the conditions outside and what you feel safe doing.

Oh, and if you’re young – or young at heart – have fun playing in the white stuff!


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