Think of a name – and get it on a gritter!

As mentioned on the blog earlier this week, Norfolk County Council has welcomed 24 new gritters to its fleet. To celebrate, we’re asking children from schools in Norfolk to come up with names for eight of these gritters and find out more about gritting along the way.

Norfolk County Council's new gritters need names!

One of Norfolk County Council’s new gritters

Name ideas have already been flying in! Brundall Primary School have suggested ‘Frostie’, ‘Budgie’ and ‘Snowy’ and Thorpe House Langley Prep School have come up with a fantastic suggestion, ‘Chitty Gritty Bang Bang’! Do you know any quick-witted kids who can beat these name ideas?

To take part in the competition children must complete a short quiz online where clues and answers can be found on the gritting section of the Norfolk County Council website. It is then up to them to think of a wintry-themed name for a shiny new gritter which, if chosen as a winning entry, will then be printed on a locally-based gritter alongside the name of their school. Of the eight names chosen, an overall winner will be selected and the winning school will get a visit from their named gritter and its driver. 

It is up to each school whether they enter as a school, a class or each pupil. The competition is now open and will run until Thursday 12 December. The winners will be chosen by a judging panel and will be announced on Friday 13 December.

For more information and to enter the competition visit Good luck! 


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