Met Office warning of high winds on Thursday


Picture credit: Out.Of.Focus

There’s currently a Met Office severe weather warning for the northernmost third of the county on Thursday.

Gale force winds between 60 and 70mph are possible, and the Met Office is also warning that this could lead to coastal flooding in some affected areas. Currently the only weather warnings in place for snow cover parts of Scotland.

Strong winds can lead to disruption to travel. The best advice if you have to drive during high winds is to slow right down, so you have more time to react in case there is debris such as branches across the road. At faster speeds you’ll also be likely to drift further off course if you are blown about by a sudden gust of wind, which could lead to accidents. There’s more advice about driving in strong winds here.

The Met Office reviews and updates weather warnings based on the latest forecast information, you can keep up to date with the latest information from the Met Office here (might be a good idea to bookmark this page for future use!). There are currently no warnings for flooding in England but the Environment Agency updates this page with the latest information.

Finally, there’s information here about who to contact if you need to report a problem with a road, such as a fallen tree.

Hopefully we won’t need all this information on Thursday – but better safe than sorry.


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