Stay up-to-date about today’s extreme weather

The Met Office has severe weather warnings for high winds for all of Norfolk today, with the worst of the conditions expected in the north of the county. Strong winds can lead to travel disruption, including branches and other debris in the road or across railway tracks, so please take extra care if you’re making a journey today and consider whether you can put it off till things have calmed down. If you have to get in your car, slow right down if you’re driving so you can better react to the conditions.

The Environment Agency also has severe flood warnings, its most serious warning, in place for coastal areas of Norfolk, with high tides combining with the strong winds. You can find details about the affected areas and when it’s likely to be at its worst here on the Environment Agency’s website, as well as lots of other advice about what to do in a flood. If you’re concerned about flooding in your area you can ring the Environment Agency’s Floodline for more information, the number is 0845 988 1188.

The emergency services and the county council’s highways department are prepared and on standby to deal with the stormy weather and what it may bring about. Please look out for each other, don’t take any risks and in an emergency always call 999.


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