Norfolk Winter is coming – and the Norfolk Winter blog is back!


You know winter is near when the Norfolk Winter blog gets going again!

Hope everyone’s had a good year. We’ve had a pretty mild autumn so far but a couple of chilly mornings this week – which is when this picture of some frosty leaves was taken – has really brought it home that properly cold weather, and everything that goes with it, is becoming a distinct possibility.

As ever, we’ll be updating the blog with information and advice that will help you stay happy, healthy and safe in Norfolk through the winter. From today, we’ll be posting daily gritting and weather updates on our Norfolk Facebook page and on Twitter, using the #NorfolkWinter hashtag. So far this autumn the gritters have only been out three times, twice earlier this week. Temperatures have recovered since then but our expert weather forecasts are currently predicting that it will get colder again in the second half of next week.

You can help us get the word out, and ultimately help other people in Norfolk get through the winter, by sharing these updates and posting your own on social media – remember to use #NorfolkWinter on Twitter so that people can easily find all relevant information. The idea is to create an online Norfolk Winter community where people can get up-to-the-minute local information. Local weather and travel updates, wintry photos of Norfolk and information on the support that’s available – bung it all up please.

Winter can be a really tough time of year for everyone, usually even more so if you’re older, have a long-term health problem or are on a low income. Norfolk Winter won’t magically make this all better but we do really believe it can help people cope by collating all useful information in one place and hopefully making people realise that we’re all trying to do what we can to help each other through.

We’ve got some nice blog posts coming up and if you don’t want to miss any of them, can we recommend signing up to receive an email every time there’s one added? You can do via the side bar of this blog on the home page of the Norfolk Winter blog – eyes right!

Thanks very much for reading and in advance for your help in making winter a little easier for everyone.


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