Norfolk Winter is back and ready for whatever the elements have in store for us

Hi all, we’re back and blogging again for the new Norfolk Winter season.

From today (Monday 2 November) onwards and throughout the winter, daily updates and
useful advice will be shared using the #NorfolkWinter hashtag on TwitteNorfolk Winter Launch 023r – these appear as a feed on the right-hand side of this blog’s homepage. The ever-popular gritting updates, informing people if the council’s fleet of gritter lorries are needed, will appear every day from now on on Twitter and on the Norfolk Facebook page (

We’ll also update this blog with advice and information, particularly when the weather’s bad. It’s been a relatively mild autumn so far, so the gritters’ services haven’t been needed yet, and our expert weather forecasts bought by our highways team to help them plan their work suggests that conditions will remain similar for the next few weeks at least. Good news for all those who struggle during the winter.

If you’re a grit geek you can find information about which roads will be gritted this winter season on our website at More than 2,000 miles of Norfolk’s roads – over a third of the county’s network – are on Norfolk County Council’s regular gritting routes, including all A and B-class roads and some C-class roads (the A11, A47 and A12 are gritted by Highways England).

On the same page of our website, you can find the locations of the more than 1,800 grit bins in the county that will be filled by the County Council and which people can use on public pavements and roads.

Our gritting season officially got underway a couple of weeks ago, so our 51 gritter lorries are ready to hit the road on any given day or night and Norfolk County Council’s seven salt domes are stocked with more than 17,000 tonnes of salt. This will be replenished as it is used through a long-term contract the council has with its supplier Compass Minerals.

So we’re ready for the cold months ahead and want to make sure you are too. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll post up anything that will help you cope and hopefully enable you to have a happy, healthy and safe winter in Norfolk.


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