Keep Warm and Well this weekend as first wintry weather is due

We’re in for a cold and windy weekend, and there’s a risk of wintry showers in Norfolk too – although even if they do fall as snow we don’t think it will settle.

The gritters are going out for the first time this season at 10pm tonight on all county gritting routes, and they may be needed to go out over the weekend too. We grit more than 2,000 miles of Norfolk’s roads on our usual gritting runs (of which tonight is one), you can find out which roads are gritted here. Even gritted roads may well not have the same level of grip as a normal, non-icy road, so if you are making a journey, do make sure you drive to the conditions you’re presented with.

The Met Office has also got another weather warning out for gale force winds covering Norfolk, which begins at 5pm today and is currently due to last till 3pm tomorrow. Coastal areas are likely to be worst affected, with 60-70mph winds possible, but even inland 50-60mph wind speeds are predicted.

These winds are bad enough to cause disruption, and our highways crews will be on standby to get out to reports of trees and branches that have been brought down and are blocking roads. If you come across a tree blocking a road, you can report it to Norfolk County Council any time of day by ringing 0344 800 8020 – in urgent cases we aim to be there within two hours of being alerted.

With strong and cold winds coming from the north, it will feel even colder than it actually is. This can cause problems for more vulnerable people, such as older people and or those with long-term health problems. There is help and support available though, including financial assistance. If you’re worried about coping this winter, or are worried about someone you know, do have a look at our Warm and Well campaign information on our website.

Our advice is to keep an eye on the weather forecasts over the next few days and be prepared to amend or change your plans, particularly if you’re planning to travel. If you do still need to make a journey, allow extra time to travel, leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you if you’re driving and have useful pieces of kit on you just in case – a blanket or thick coat, a fully charged phone and a torch would be three things to pack.

Conditions should get a bit milder again by Monday. Do keep safe and warm over the weekend though.


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