Swap your old, worn slippers for a new pair in Norwich this Friday

Our next slipper swap event is coming up this Friday, where people can swap their old, worn slippers for a new, slip-resistant pair.

The events, which we run with Age UK, are particularly aimed at those people who might be at risk of falling and injuring themselves. For older people in particular, a fall can mean broken bones and a stay in hospital. Good, well-fitting slippers won’t entirely prevent someone from falling of course, but old slippers without much grip could contribute to a fall.

Friday’s slipper swap event will take place between 10am and midday and is at the Phoenix Centre on Mile Cross Road in Norwich, NR3 2LD. People who go can also find out about the support and some of the services that are available designed to keep people cope through the winter.

Another slipper swap is scheduled for Thursday, 17 December from 11.30am to 1.30pm at Witard Road Baptist Church, Witard Road, Norwich, NR7 9XD.

There’s more information and advice about staying warm and well through the winter on our website too. More slipper swap events are due to take place after Christmas and the details will go up here when they’re confirmed.



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