Friday and Saturday looking wintry, Sunday temperatures on the up

With a respite from widespread rain, sleet and snow due, the gritters are out on all county gritting routes now (from 2pm) ahead of another cold, blustery and wintry evening and night.

Further sleet and snow showers are possible between now and tomorrow morning, particularly in the north and east of the county where one to two centimetres of snow may settle (most likely after 7pm tonight). There will also be clear spells and it will remain windy, so we’re in for a very cold night, with road surface temperatures falling to -3 or 4°C in some areas.

The gritters will be going out again at 3am ahead of another cold day tomorrow and more sleet and snow showers may fall, with the risk greatest near the coast.

At the moment, it looks like we’ve got one more cold night to contend with on Saturday night and then on Sunday temperatures are due to climb by a crucial few degrees, so the gritters might get a well-deserved night off.

So, travel conditions could still be tricky over the next 36 hours. As mentioned before, the selection box of weather we’re being treated to at the moment (snow, sleet, rain and freezing temperatures) makes timing our gritting runs much more difficult.

Our gritting teams have been and will continue to try their best to make the roads on our gritting routes as safe as possible but please be prepared that even gritted roads may not have as much grip as usual.


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