Friday morning headlines – snow, wintry showers and strong winds

20170113_105255It’s been snowing in Norwich for the last hour or so and it’s settling now – the photo
shows the wintry scene outside County Hall just before 11am this morning.

The gritters were out in force across the county last night and this morning. They did back-to-back runs from early evening yesterday and went out again at 3am this morning – that’s a total of around nine hours of gritting per gritter truck, and they were spreading the maximum amount of salt they can. The roads on our gritting routes that I saw this morning looked in good shape, hopefully this is true across the county and people’s journeys this morning weren’t too difficult.

Our most recent forecast information suggests snow showers are possible for the rest of the morning, which could give a covering of one to three centimetres in some areas. As the day wears on and the temperature climbs a little, rain and sleet are more likely to fall in some areas but snow is still possible too, particularly in inland areas. We’re still expecting very strong winds today too, and the combination of gusty winds and wintry showers is likely to make travelling conditions really tricky.

We’re expecting further wintry showers this evening too which could fall as snow. At the moment, our forecasters think this will only lead to around 1cm settling on the ground, but they’ve stressed there is uncertainty about this.

Our highways teams are keeping a close eye on the forecast and they’re likely to send the gritters out again around mid-afternoon, although they’ll make a final call on this at lunchtime using the latest information. And I’ll update you again once we know what the plan is.


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