Warnings of ice and fog for Norfolk overnight and tomorrow morning

The Met Office is warning that Norfolk will be subjected to another cold and murky night, with ice and fog forming and lingering into tomorrow morning.

Our gritters will be going out from 6pm tonight (7pm in Norwich) on all usual county gritting routes. We grit around a third of Norfolk’s roads, including all A and B-class roads, and Highways England grit the A11, A47 and A12. However, this means that many more minor routes are not gritted and even gritted routes may not have the same grip as a normal, non-icy road, so allow more time if you’re making any journeys overnight or tomorrow morning and take extra care.

We’ve had subzero temperatures for a number of nights on the trot now, and the days haven’t been exactly balmy, so please remember to check on any older or vulnerable people in your life who may struggle during colder weather. This one-minute video suggests some simple things you can do to help keep someone who is vulnerable safe and well this winter.


The wInterview: Driving in a winter wonderland – part two

We promised you the second half of our ‘Driving in a winter wonderland’ wInterview…and here it is.

A van causing snow to fly up off the road in Norwich last winter. Credit: PGBrown1987

A van causing snow to fly up off the road in Norwich last winter. Credit: PGBrown1987

In the second half of our chat, Iain Temperton, Manager of Casualty Reduction, Education and Development at Norfolk County Council, tells us how you can avoid skidding, how much sooner you should be braking and why snow and ice are far from the only weather conditions that could cause road accidents this winter.

And once again, you can listen to this wInterview by using the audio players at the bottom of this blog post.

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